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Umami Mountain Retreat and Holiday Accommodation. Retreat Facilitities in Nature amongst the Mountains. Yoga Deck, Dancing Space, Nature Walks/Hiking, Swimming Dam, Circle Group Work Space

Fall into the timeless tranquility of nature.

Umami Mountain Retreat is a nature lover’s paradise nestled
on the slopes of Franschhoek Mountain.

Umami Mountain Retreat is a 26-hectare Nature Lover’s paradise that flows naturally onto the untouched Franschhoek Nature Reserve. The setting is magnificent and unspoiled. As you enter Umami you immediately drop into the timeless tranquility of ‘The place where the elephants use to calf’ – and find yourself falling into the still serenity of the natural landscape.


Umami is the seamless union between nature, stillness and healing - which gently guides you to a state of natural presence and effortless being. Umami crafts custom-made retreat experiences to inspire, restore and heal. We offer the perfect space where you can simply slow down, breathe, and reconnect to your true self and nature.


Umami Mountain Retreat offers world class retreat facilities for teachers and healing practitioners wishing to host their events in the midst of Nature. The Retreat was opened in 2022 and is hosted by the Heart Quest Foundation.

The Heart Quest Foundation


Founded in 2012, the Heart Quest Foundation is a non-profit organization offering nature-based healing experiences and programs which promote self-awareness and self-empowerment. For further info visit:

Since time immemorial those wishing to connect to the deeper wisdom that resides within have stepped into nature, solitude and silence.

At the Heart Quest Foundation, we are practiced and skilled in the art of guiding you on such a journey. Gently and lovingly we create and hold a space in which you will be safe and cared for every step of the way. Come and join us on a quest to rediscover the wisdom of your heart and find your way.

Our Retreats

Our retreats provide the time and space to physically slow down and allow our minds and spirits to ‘catch up’ with our bodies. This is a time to be still and present  - letting nature enable us to listen more deeply to the movement and invitations of our innermost beings. 

Host your own retreat at Umami

Host your own retreat at Umami.


Umami Holiday Accommodation

Our cottages and villas offer the ultimate getaway into nature’s embrace. Our Franschhoek Holiday Accommodation provides the perfect sanctuary to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Umami Mountain Retreat.

*Please note that a 2 night stay is required for bookings.

Our Retreat Facilities

Map to Umami


  • Drive through Franschhoek main road to the Huguenot Memorial Monument (at the end of the main road) at the T-junction turn right onto Excelsior Road.

  • Do not turn off Excelsior Road.

  • Drive past Le Franschhoek Hotel and Riverstone Wine Farm both on your left hand side (do not turn left where the road forks at Riverstone).

  • Drive up towards the entrance of Three Stream.
    Follow the Umami Signs to the left which will lead you to the main security gate.

  • Enter the security code on the keypad furthest from the gate (the side key panel - the code will be provided after booking).

  • Follow the signs to Umami.

  • At the Umami Gate enter the key code for Entrance. (This will also be provided after booking).

  • On entering turn immediately left and cross a small bridge.

  • The Retreat parking is on the lawn as sign posted.

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